Make Your Website Work Harder for You

Ignite® Web is an extension of your company’s website that allows your customers and your staff to access customer information from any location, at any time. The convenience and user-friendly interface of Ignite® Web lets you actively market to customers and prospects.

Convenience for Customers

Ignite® Web gives you a powerful web presence where your customers can get the information they need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Customers place fuel delivery orders, post services requests, purchase service contracts, and make secure online payments from the comfort of their own home or office. Customers can view their transaction history, see when their next delivery is scheduled, track their fuel usage and more. You can also give customers the option of receiving invoices and statements via email, or to add services and delivery of other fuels.

The result is a reduction in the number of customer calls to your office and improvement in customer retention rate, thanks to an enhanced customer experience. Customers can even pay their bill even when your office is closed.

Since Ignite Web is fully integrated with Ignite, when a customer does order fuel or make a payment on the website, your Ignite system will automatically update with no user intervention. Payments will automatically post to the proper accounts and delivery tickets created and ready to be dispatched.

A Valuable Marketing Tool

Customers who log in to their account online can see targeted marketing messages designed to enhance the value of each account. Use this feature to convert customers to automatic delivery or email statements, upsell new heating equipment, cross sell off-season services, or promote price protection programs. These targeted messages can be driven home with your customers right on the first page after they login. You control what you want to say, and who receives the message, and where the message pops up. 

Instant Communication for Employees

Ignite® Web allows employees to access company files (with appropriate permission-based access) and customer information. This access to the Ignite® system from the field gives delivery drivers, service technicians and sales staff the most up-to-date data on each client, including equipment history, delivery schedules, account balances and more.

Order Fuel Online

With Ignite Web, new and current customers have the option to easily order fuel online from the convenience of their own homes. Save your back-office team the extra phone calls and give your customers this capability.

Schedule Service Online

Give your customers the ability to schedule service appointments online and in a matter of seconds. With a clean layout, customers can easily select what services they need and to which location.

Make Payments Online

Remove clutter and extra work for your team by giving your customers the ability to make payments online. In as simple as a few clicks, your customers can pay their invoices in a secure portal.

Update Statement Method Online

With Ignite Web, your fuel oil and propane customers can easily change their statement method online and in a hassle-free environment.

Select Fuel Delivery or Service Location Online

If your customer has two properties, they can easily select at which location they need a delivery or service appointment.

Explore Ignite® Web

Explore the many features of Ignite® Web!

Don’t Miss Out on These Benefits!

  • Some customers have their answering service utilize Ignite® Web, helping to improve after-hour customer service!
  • One Blue Cow customer even used Ignite® Web to operate their company remotely when they lost power at their office!
  • On-call staff can view up-to-date customer information without waiting for your office to open in the morning
  • Customers looking for a new fuel company are much more likely to choose one with online access options
  • Give customers the ability to sign-up for special pricing or budget plans right on your website!
  • 73% of consumers use online commerce to save time
  • Allow new customers to sign up directly on your website
  • Give customers the ability to make payments, order fuel, and request service at any time
  • Target customers with personalized online marketing messages

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