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Congratulations! Choosing Blue Cow Software’s Ignite® Enterprise energy software suite is the smartest move you could make for your heating oil and propane business. We’ll make sure you get off to a fast start and experience continued success with a full range of professional and technical services to support and enhance your Ignite® journey.

Successful implementation of a new software depends on careful work and planning before installation! That is why we at Blue Cow work closely with fuel companies planning to use the Ignite Suite® prior to installation, ensuring all the right pieces are in place before they start to use our software.

Business Analysis

When you turn to Blue Cow for your fuel oil software or propane company software, you will be assigned a Team Leader to ensure a successful Data Conversion, Installation and Training. We’ll meet with the key personnel in your company (including the service, delivery and administration departments) to gain an understanding of how you currently run your business. Your Team Leader conducts an extensive Business Analysis, uncovering your strengths and weaknesses and using that information to suggest improvements in your processes that can be implemented through Ignite®.


Installation & Training

Once the business analysis and the test conversion are complete, you will be ready to go live. At this time, our data conversion team converts your live data and your Team Leader brings a team of implementation specialists to your location for staff training. Our training professionals have years of experience and your training is customized to meet your company’s needs.

Data Conversion

The next step to a successful implementation is the conversion of your company’s historical data from your existing software into our Ignite Enterprise solution. Our experience in state of the art conversion methodologies ensures a seamless transition of your most precious asset, your customer data. By performing a test conversion and final live conversion, we help ensure your customer information including previous history has successfully transitioned to our Ignite Enterprise database.

Follow Up Training

In some instances, after using the Ignite® software for a period of time, you may discover you could benefit from additional follow up training. This may become necessary when new employees come on board, you start offering new or additional services, or when further training is necessary to effectively utilize our software. In any of these cases, our consultants are available to assist you.

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