Ignite® Routing


Optimize Deliveries in Real Time


Why pay to put more trucks on the road when Ignite® Routing can maximize the efficiency and value of your existing fleet? Ignite® Routing helps your dispatchers meet the challenges of loading and delivering the right fuel, to the right customer in the most efficient manner, saving you time and money in the process.

Unlike many other types of routing software, Ignite® Routing is linked into your entire management system. This allows each delivery order to be prioritized, and assigned to the route that minimizes driver time and fleet miles, while maximizing gallons per drop.


Calculate Route Gallons

Ignite® Routing automatically calculates the total number of gallons required for each route, speeding load time and allowing you to identify potential roadblocks or opportunities for more efficient routing.


Route Drivers Faster & More Efficiently

Your dispatchers won’t have to waste time trying to guess at which driver should handle which delivery. Ignite® Routing pre-determines the most efficient distribution of gallons.


Map a More Efficient Route

Ignite® Routing determines the number of miles per route and expected drive time so you can deliver more and drive less!


Reduce Distribution Costs

Powerful, fuel-industry specific algorithms determine in advance the most efficient routing for maximum delivery effectiveness. This helps to lower overall delivery costs and reduce wear and tear on your delivery vehicle fleet.

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