We received tremendous support from the initial date of installation to present.  As we all know, when dealing with a new software roll out, there are always going to be some issues; however, Blue Cow was exemplary in how they addressed these issues and got them resolved.

As our company has learned the new system and it’s capabilities, we have been very impressed with what the system can do.  Our expectations were high going in, and needless to say, Blue Cow Software has exceeded them all.

This partnership with Blue Cow has produced tremendous returns, and I would highly recommend Blue Cow Software to any company out there looking to improve their current fuel software demands.


All State Propane, Lake Elsinore, CA

Blue Cow is the company that never says no. If they can’t say “yes” right away they say, “We’ll work on that”. They provide wonderful training and great support. They are always improving. Blue Cow is customizable for your company’s specific needs. 

Amazing support team with amazing response time.

Blue Cow makes life easier.


Anchor Fuel, RI

The ease of the software is probably the strongest point, especially the help tab. One click and we get the answer to almost any question immediately, without making a phone call to tech support. Which is another strong suit for Blue Cow – if we do need additional help you are right there for us.


Hall Oil, MA

We love these people, and could not be more satisfied with them or their product.  We have saved tens of thousands of dollars a year just in maintenance fees by switching to Blue Cow Software!  Did we mention how much we love these people?  If you are looking for a new software provider, look no more!  You are in the right place with Blue Cow Software!


HL Fuel, NY

Our server crashed over Labor Day weekend and we were told it had to be wiped out and rebuilt.  I called Blue Cow to see if we could install the database on another computer so we weren’t paralyzed.  With their help we were back up and running by the end of the day.  Our statements were only a day late and all our data was saved thanks to SafeTNet.  We are now able to now get by till our new server is installed.  I can’t thank you all enough!


Community Energy, ME

I just want to thank you and the team at Blue Cow Software for creating the most robust and comprehensive software package available to home heating oil dealers today.  The Ignite software is an all-in-one solution for Niccoli Bros Oil.  Features like fleet management, inventory control, financial software integration, daily workflow management and reporting have added tremendous value to our business.


Niccoli Bros, MA

While we were excited to step up our game with Blue Cow’s Ignite software suite, we were not prepared by the incredible level of support and service we received throughout the implementation. It was great to have someone right there to answer all our questions, both big and small, and to teach us the best way to get things done. We are already seeing the benefits of transitioning to Blue Cow, and look forward to a long relationship with them.


Augusta Fuel, ME

From our Customer Service Representatives to our Sales Department, everyone has found a favorite aspect of the software.  Our CSR’s enjoy the ease of pulling up a customer and viewing their history; our Sales Department sorts the customer database to develop mailings.

More importantly, the staff with Blue Cow Software is always available to help with any questions we may have. We are truly happy with this product.


Valley Energy, VA

The amount of content you can store within the program and the many options of doing things within the program allows us to keep current information and data on customers. Being able to draw reports from the program, to research within our customer base, makes it easier to see what we are doing right or to identify and address any issues. And Blue Cow is great when it comes to backend support!


Scott Energy, MA

Customer service is always a top priority to an oil dealer but even more so in recent years.  As a result, we come to expect a higher standard from the companies we deal with as well.  Blue Cow delivers.  I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to deal with all the people involved. 


Noars Oil, MA

From the family history to the way they give their clients such personal attention, we couldn’t be happier to have made this journey with Blue Cow. When you choose Blue Cow, you are getting an amazing system and crew to guide your business through change and you truly feel like you become a part of their team. We have already seen huge headway for us thanks to Blue Cow Software and we can’t wait to see even more for many many years to come!


Stringer Oil Company & LP Gas, SC