When Stateline Propane & Oil (Granby, CT) was searching for a new management software platform four years ago they knew what they were looking for. When, after a competitive evaluation, they chose Blue Cow Software they were pleasantly surprised by what they got.

Mike Doyle, Operations Manager for the rapidly growing multi-line fuel delivery and HVAC company, said their old software was “unreliable and did not meet our needs,” adding that it was for delivery only and “did not have the business processes built in that we needed to go forward.”

Mike and the owners of Stateline knew that Blue Cow Software had a good reputation and was active in the energy industry, so included them on their short list of potential software vendors. The clincher was “shadowing” and observing a Blue Cow Software user as they put the software through its paces. “Once we saw a real-life demonstration of what this platform can do it led to a very clear decision,” says Mike.

A Smooth Transition

The transition from their legacy software to Blue Cow Software’s Ignite suite was made easy thanks to the support the Stateline staff received. “As with any system it took some time to learn new screens and the capabilities of the software,” recalls Mike. “The Blue Cow people on-site with us were very good about making us comfortable and focusing on the most important, day-to-day functions and tasks. They knew it was important for us to get up and running quickly, and that the ‘once a year’ stuff, like resetting degree days, could be taught remotely when we needed to do it.”

Stateline wanted an on-site system that was “right and tight” and allowed the company to control its own destiny. They got that and much more with the Ignite software suite.

“I don’t think we realized how badly we needed an integrated CRM function,” says Mike. “But Blue Cow stressed how important it was for efficiency and growth, and we saw it in action during an on-site demo at another dealer. It has been a game changer for us.” Doyle was especially impressed by the customer portal that is incorporated into the software, making it easier for customers to communicate with the company, as well as Ignite’s inventory management function and document management system. “No more management by sticky notes!”

Efficiency went up in other areas of operations as well. “The forecasting feature led to a huge improvement in our delivery efficiency and sharp drop in our run-outs,” says Mike. “Plus, the time we spent in dispatching delivery and service vehicles was cut in half.”  The company added the Ignite Mobile feature for both delivery and service last year, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Prepped for Future Growth

Blue Cow Software’s Ignite suite has also set Stateline Propane & Oil up for the future. “We have been impressed that the software is so readily scalable as our business has grown, and how well it integrates with other systems,” says Mike.

After four years with Blue Cow Software Mike Doyle deems the relationship a successful one. “Our customers are happier, our people are happier, and we are more efficient,” he says. “That’s a recipe for growth.”

“If you are looking to upgrade your company’s management software you should invest the time to visit a current Ignite user,” says Mike Doyle. “It will make your decision to choose Blue Cow Software as easy as it was for us.”