The time of the year is here to perform Mid-Season Budget Recalculation for your customers who are on budget plans.

Why do you need to recalculate your customers’ budgets mid-season?

If the weather is much warmer or colder than expected, or if the price of fuel increased or decreased drastically compared to what you based your original budgets on, you will want to do Mid-Season Budget Recalculations to adjust the monthly payments your customers are making.

How do you recalculate your customers budgets mid-season?

With decades of experience in the fuel oil and propane industry, the team at Blue Cow Software has seen fuel oil and propane marketers recalculate budgets mid-season in a number of ways. Many businesses go about mid-season budget recalculations in an inefficient and overwhelming manner.

The Ignite Software Suite from Blue Cow Software provides users with 2 easy ways to perform mid-season budget recalculations: the Simple Method and the Advanced Method. Both methods consider the difference in fuel price or temperature compared to what was expected.

The Ignite Software Suite’s Mid-Season Budget Recalculation options help your business stay on top of customer budgets and remain profitable through the fluctuating busy season.


To learn more about Mid-Season Budget Recalculation and how the Ignite Software Suite will help your business, please contact [email protected]. We are here to help you Be Better.