Is your company preparing for the transition to a new back office software, or for any internal software conversion? Whether your business is in our HVAC, fuel oil, and propane delivery and service industries, or another industry that heavily relies on software for day-to-day business, this change – although ultimately for the better – can create anxiety, nerves, and unhappy employees around the office. Having to give up what seemed to be working just fine and, instead, wade through unfamiliar territory isn’t what most individuals consider casual. And, generally, in all aspects of work and life, people find change to be difficult.

The Implementation and Customer Support teams at Blue Cow Software have helped convert hundreds of companies from their previous back office software to the Ignite Software Suite. From our experience, change is most successful when approached by a team. Individuals have the opportunity work together while learning from each other’s successes and failures to come out of the process stronger than ever.

With our knowledge from converting business software for teams of all sizes, we’ve put together a bulleted list of tips to keep your team positive and committed to learning new processes during and after the conversion and implementation of your new back office software system.

  • Why it matters: Share with your team some of the highlights of what motivated you to change to our software and why it matters to the company.
  • Setup for success:  Assign each user daily tasks that play on their strengths, which will make them more motivated to achieve. They’ll also be more inclined to stay positive, knowing you personally set them on the track that utilizes their personal abilities.
  • Monitor negativity and resistance: When it comes up, address it immediately while reinstating the reason the changes will benefit the company and overall daily work life.
  • Be open to feedback: Listen and positively react to feedback on the changes, and listen to any additional ideas your team might have. Some ideas might prove to be beneficial.
  • Bring about a smaller change: Along with software conversion, consider bringing another positive change to the office environment that your team might not recognize as being office-related. This could include making a minor décor change or adding something ‘fun’ to the regular environment or calendar week (such as an outdoor Kan Jam tournament, a small indoor nerf ball hoop, bring your dog to work day, or a ‘7th inning stretch period’ near the end of the day).

If your office is considering a software conversion, don’t hesitate due to the fear of your team’s emotions. Use our list as guidelines and remember, a positive change begins with you.


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