The Fuel Industry’s Best Reporting Tool

Ignite® Analytics gives you the ability to make better-informed decisions for your fuel oil or propane business based on real time data and trends. Using the best practices of business intelligence, Ignite® Analytics gathers, sorts, and presents information in well-organized and easily usable ways that can be saved, shared, and restructured as necessary. Ignite® Analytics is the software tool you need to stay one-step ahead when it comes to managing your fuel oil and propane business.

The New Report Card and Benchmarks

In Ignite Analytics, you have the ability to view your company’s performance from a bird’s eye view with the new Report Card. The Report Card lets you easily identify where your company is excelling and where it may need some improvement. By setting Benchmarks, you can compare your actual performance to your goals.


More Than Just Reports

When you add Ignite® Analytics to your overall Ignite® suite, you get to choose the information you want to see and the format in which you want to see it. You can access data with a few clicks to assess and evaluate trends, problems and opportunities. All in a simple, easy to use format that does not require an advanced business degree to understand and use.

OLAP (online analytical process) reports summarize your data in spreadsheets and charts. This lets you quickly analyze aggregate data, or to drill into that data and see more details. Displaying the data in a chart or graph makes it easier to make business decisions. Reports can also be exported to Excel or a PDF.

Analytics Dashboard

Get top line data at a glance with a customizable Analytics Dashboard. Choose the information you want reported to create projections for your business over the next month, year or five years. Have the ability to tag key indicators like customer list performance, margin per gallon, or service department profitability. The Analytics Dashboard will make monitoring your fuel oil and propane business easy to do with comprehensible snapshots. 

K Factor Comparison

Use Ignite Analytics to see an easily digestible comparison of your K Factors from this season to previous seasons. The K Factor Comparison makes business decision making more simple by providing you with hard data to base your decisions off of.

Create Your Own “Top 10”

You know your business, and you know what kind of information will be the most valuable to you in managing the company successfully. Ignite® Analytics gives you the ability to create customized “Top 10” (or deeper) lists such as:

  • Top 10 most profitable customers
  • Top 10% of service revenue producers
  • Top 10 locations for deliveries
  • Top 10 (or “Bottom 10”) delinquent customers

Tank and Service Contract Analysis

Ignite Analytics produces various analysis of your business and customers, including Tank Analysis and Service Contract Analysis. Contact Blue Cow Software’s Sales Department to learn more.

Practical Uses of Ignite® Analytics

  • Start a marketing campaign in a new city and then monitor your ‘New Customers by Town’ report to track your market share in that town
  • Track the referral source of your new customers to see how they heard about you
  • Monitor revenues and margins in real time
  • Track why customers are leaving (price, moving, conversions etc.)
  • Measure the effectiveness of your forecasting
  • Monitor and compare installation sales against previous years
  • Compare how many gallons you sold by the town this year to past years
  • Trace service call backs by printing one of the many call back reports so you can quickly see who is causing call backs and for what kind of calls
  • Use the “What If” section to display how much your business could have made, saved, or lost if you increased prices of Fuel, Service Parts, Labor, or Service Contracts in a specific time period.

Ignite® Analytics is the addition to your fuel and propane business management software that you’ll never want to be without.

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