Software Designed Specifically for Energy Retailers

Running a successful fuel oil or propane business just got simpler, thanks to the powerful, energy-specific Ignite® suite of management software from Blue Cow Software, a PDI company.

No other suite of energy software delivers the same extensive range of immediately useful data. No other fuel and propane management software provides the same level of control over information. No other fuel and propane management software is as easy and intuitive to use. That’s because our Ignite® software was developed with the input of fuel oil and propane retailers.

We’ve been on the front lines, on the trucks, and in customers’ homes. We understand the real challenges you face every day, and designed in practical, useful tools and reports to help you better manage your customers, your people, your finances, and your business.

Here’s why so many fuel oil and propane companies are choosing Blue Cow:

Responsive, Remote Support


PA-DSS Compliant

Easy to Use Interface

Consistent Software Updates

700+ Available Reports

Real-Time Customer Communications

How Blue Cow Came to Be

Working in his family’s heating oil business, Mark Nardone gained firsthand knowledge into all aspects of running an energy company. This allowed him to identify challenges and roadblocks, and to apply his expertise in software to solving the problems of efficient fuel oil and propane business management. 

Mark founded Blue Cow Software in 2004 with the goal of creating software that would provide powerful – yet practical – tools for heating oil and propane dealers. This led to the development of the Ignite® software family, with components designed to improve efficiency and put control of business operations into a bundled suite that was easy to use, and could grow with the business.

Today Blue Cow Software is the fuel oil and propane business management software suite of choice for more than 300 of the country’s leading propane and heating oil companies. We continue to stay on top of industry trends and best practices, incorporating updates and upgrades across the Ignite® suite to better help our users gain even stronger control over their business operations.

Where Did the Name Blue Cow Come From?

When founder Mark Nardone started our company, he struggled to find the right name for the enterprise. Mark and his wife brainstormed during a long family car ride to a favorite spot in the New Hampshire mountains. At one point during the car ride, Mark’s young daughter exclaimed from the back seat, “Cows!” When Mark asked her what color the cows were, she said, “Blue!” After a chuckle, Mark’s wife suggested “Blue Cow Software” as the name for the company. While they disregarded it at first, Blue Cow Software really stuck – even a few days later. Problem solved. 

Get Started Today

To schedule a demo with our fuel oil and propane company experts, call Blue Cow at (888) 499-2583 or visit our contact page.

Watch "Blue Cow Software's 'Be Better' Philosophy" to learn more from a few employees about what the 'Be Better' philosophy means: