What to Expect from Our Sales Process

While this website is informative, it only scratches the surface of what you need to know about our company, our philosophy and our software. To truly understand all we have to offer your business, we strongly recommend you schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Blue Cow Software representative. 

During the consultation, we may ask more questions than we answer. Why? Because only after learning about your company and your needs will we be able to suggest the best solution for you. Our Ignite® energy software suite is a comprehensive and customizable solution. 

Getting to Know You

Our consultation starts with a discovery session that includes a discussion about your company and your needs. Then we create a customized demonstration of our software, designed specifically for you. That way we make sure we review the areas of the software that are important to your business, and avoid wasting time reviewing areas that are not mission critical.

Solutions Not Sales

In meeting with you in the discovery and demonstration phases, we are not intent on pushing sales of our software. It does nobody any good to force the sale of a software suite that is not perfectly suited to address your needs – you’ll be unhappy and we’ll be frustrated.

Instead, we want to be sure our Ignite® propane software and fuel oil software systems are a good fit for your company, and vice versa. Only when both sides are confident that we are the right solution will we move forward together. As always, our focus remains on your success.

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

Our customers invariably comment on how the relationship between their company and Blue Cow grows and matures as time goes on. We are in it for the long haul, determined to support the continued growth and success of each of our customers. An open and honest start is the best way to ensure a successful partnership.

Start the process by scheduling a discovery meeting today.

Get Started Today

To schedule a demo with our fuel oil and propane company experts, call Blue Cow at (888) 499-2583 or visit our contact page.