The Ignite® Phone App allows your customers to access account information, order fuel and make payments through their smartphone or tablet instead of using a website. Native to both iOS and Android, customers can easily do business with your company from anywhere with the best experience possible, all from your very own personalized app.

A Better Customer Experience

The Ignite® Phone App gives your customers instant access to your company at any time and place from their smartphone or tablet. People are achieving more and more every day by utilizing apps on their devices. As technology changes, so does their expectations. In fact, consumers spend 85% of their time on their smartphone in apps. With the Ignite® Phone App, you’ll show your customers that you’re not only in tune with their needs, but also vested in their experience with your company.  In short, you are increasing your customer retention.

Since you choose the name of the app, i.e. your company name, you’ll benefit from increased customer awareness and market share and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Information At Your Fingertips

Customers will have a better experience as they can view account information, place fuel delivery orders, manage their payment options, make secure online payments and post services requests from anywhere. Customers can also view their transaction history, see when their next delivery is scheduled, track their fuel usage and more. They’ll also have the option of receiving invoices and statements via email, or to add services and delivery of other fuels. 

Seamless Communication With Ignite

The Ignite® Phone App is fully integrated with Ignite. So, whether a customer places an order for fuel or makes a payment on your company’s app, that data will import into Ignite and your system will automatically update with no user intervention. Delivery tickets get created and are ready to be dispatched and payments are posted to the customer’s account.

Order Fuel

Customers can easily order fuel anywhere from their smartphone or tablet. Save your back-office team the extra phone calls and give your customers a better experience.

Make Payments

Give your customers the ability to quickly make payments 24-hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Manage Payment Options

Whether you accept credit cards, bank accounts or both, your customers can add, edit or delete their payment options instantly. These changes are all reflected in your Ignite software keeping their account information up-to-date.

Request Services

Customers can have the ability to easily request service, tune ups, service contracts, and more. In just a few clicks they can choose the services they need at the location they choose.

Update Statement & Invoice Methods

With the Ignite® Phone App, your customers can easily change their statement or invoice method from paper to email or both without picking up the phone. 

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