What do 39% of your competitors know that you don’t?

According to the 2019 LP Gas/Gray, Gray & Gray Propane Survey, Blue Cow Software’s Ignite® enterprise management suite is the software of choice among 39% of propane dealers nationwide, making Ignite® by far the most popular software in use today.

Our “single point” system allows you to manage everything from inventory, to routing, to service, to accounting, to customer relationships in an integrated, cohesive configuration. No other fuel company management software delivers as much power, is as easily accessible, or offers the tools you need to successfully grow your business. 

If you are not taking advantage of the full end-to-end management tools that Ignite® provides, maybe it is time to discover what you are missing. Complete our online form to get more information about Ignite® and to schedule a demo of its amazing capabilities.

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