Real Time Communication with the Field


Make sure your delivery drivers and service technicians are in-touch, on-time and up-to-date with Ignite® Mobile. By maintaining real time communications with personnel in the field, you’ll be able to better manage your team and they can better serve your customers.

Ignite Mobile Fuel

Direct, Mobile Interaction with Drivers & Meter Readers

With Ignite® Mobile Fuel, delivery drivers automatically receive their routes electronically. As deliveries are completed, the Delivery Dashboard in your company’s Ignite® system is automatically updated. This allows your fuel dispatchers to monitor driver activity throughout the day.

While onsite your driver can choose to print or email the invoice directly to the customer. Payments can also be accepted on site and entered into a tablet.

Ignite® Mobile Fuel also enters meter readings into a tablet instead of a paper meter book, helping to eliminate double entry and reduce errors. 

Ignite® Mobile interfaces with the following meters:

  • Base Pro Control 3
  • Liquid Controls LCR-II
  • Liquid Controls LCR-600
  • MidCom eCount
  • MidCom 8000
  • Neptune
  • Total Control Systems
  • We also work with mechanical meters

Ignite Mobile Service

Smart Routing and Instant Customer Invoices

Ignite® Mobile Service automatically dispatches work orders to the selected technician’s tablet, and automatically updates the technician’s status throughout the day. While at the customer’s site, the technician can choose to print or email the invoice directly to the customer. Payments can also be accepted on site and entered into a tablet.

Proposals and Estimates

Your sales staff can also use Ignite® Mobile to create proposals or estimates that can be instantly emailed to the customer, increasing your chances of closing the sale. Plus, you’ll demonstrate the advanced technology and rapid service available through your company! While your competition is scribbling down paper receipts and notes, your technician will have instant electronic access to everything they need. And when a salesman is done, he or she can review the proposal on their tablet and the customer will automatically receive a copy in their email. 

Work Orders & Service Transactions

Ignite Mobile creates a comprehensive yet simple platform for work orders and service transactions. With Ignite Mobile you’ll have the ability to:

  • Handle flat rate billing, time and materials for a quotes job.
  • Utilize bar code scanning for quick look ups of flat rate codes or parts.
  • Quickly and easily view and edit a customer’s service history and system equipment information straight from a tablet, syncing directly to the back office.

From the customer’s account – whether the technician is using a tablet or the back office is updating the account, you’ll have the ability to add images of customers’ equipment for future reference on the account. If added off site, the customers account will update for the back office’s reference. In addition to customer account information, drivers can go off site and, even though they’re off site, the service schedule screen back in Ignite is automatically updated.

Drivers can also track their travel time and time on the job when fulfilling work orders and service transactions. While the driver is at a customer’s site, using Mobile the driver has the ability to capture “form” data for information like efficiency tests, gas checks, and tank sure data, in addition to having the ability to customize and create their own forms from scratch. Once the forms are created, the back office and managers have the ability to require a form to be filled out on particular jobs.

Work orders and service transactions have also become simpler with Ignite Mobile because drivers and techs have the ability to track whether parts are covered by a service agreement or under warranty, or if a job is a call back straight from their tablet. Additionally, from the tablet, the driver/tech can check if a part is in stock, and if not – they have the ability to find out what warehouse or service van has it in stock so they can quickly handle the needs of the customer.

If the driver gets on site and wants to take note of an occurrence on the job or at the site, he or she can easily add recommendations and notes that can then be tracked back by users in the office.

Then, before the work has been started, or after the job is complete – depending on your processes – the tech/driver can capture a customer’s signature right onto his tablet without needing to print any paper. The invoicing process has also become simplified. Ignite Mobile has spell check so invoices are grammar and spelling-error free, and you have the ability to use ‘lookup phrases’ or sentences that are commonly used so you can quickly add information without requiring the tech to type a lot.

Finally, the tech/driver has the ability to print the invoice to leave a hard copy with the customer or if the customer prefers, the tech/driver can email the invoice (or just an acknowledgment that the job is complete) instantly to the customer.

Mobile also streamlines and simplifies payments. From Ignite Mobile you have the ability to accept payments and complete a job from start to finish on the spot, all while giving the office real time updates to see which jobs are on time, who is running late, where a truck is, and more!


Messages can be sent between the dispatchers and field employees directly through Ignite® Messaging and Ignite® Mobile. There is no need for a separate program or phone.

Tank Transfers

When a tank needs to be swapped out or replaced at a customer location, use Ignite® Mobile to track the movement of the tank from one customer account to another, or from your tank yard to the customer’s account. You can also use this feature if you are returning a tank to the yard that was previously installed at a customer’s location.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Drivers and technicians can get turn by turn navigation to quickly and efficiently get them to their next destination. And for the fuel drivers, you can even enter your truck size, weight and hazmat values to ensure you will be routed appropriately.

Update Customer Records On-Site

Drivers can update the customer’s ticket messages and fill location from the field. Technicians can update your customer equipment database information while on site.


Technicians can use barcoding technology to bill parts, or flat rate jobs, protecting against pricing and inventory errors.

Instant Customer Lookup

When a driver or technician is on call, they can access customer information directly on their mobile device. Customer account, fuel, equipment and history information is available to Ignite® Mobile users at all times. Drivers or service technicians who receive a night call will have all the information necessary to make the appropriate decisions regarding night call policies. Once the decision has been made, the driver or technician can create a new ticket or work orders directly through Ignite® Mobile.

GPS Navigation

Ignite® Mobile automatically captures GPS data throughout the day, allowing dispatchers to know where all drivers and service technicians are at all times. Drivers can be notified when they are not within close proximity to the account coordinates on record, helping to eliminate wasted time and delivery errors.

Signature Authorization

Drivers and Technicians can capture a customer’s signature directly on their tablet. The signature is then saved on that customer’s file in the Ignite® system, providing a record that a customer has authorized a repair.

Update Inventory Levels

Use Ignite® Mobile to record accurate inventory physical counts quickly and easily, and automatically post inventory adjustment transactions. 

Vehicle Inspection Reports

Drivers can fill out their vehicle inspection report before the start of each shift, after the shift is over, or both via Ignite® Mobile.

Cylinder Exchanges

Drivers can use their tablet to track how many cylinders they pick up and drop off at each location.

Field Device Hardware Requirements

Windows 10 or Windows 11

2GB of RAM (Minimum)

64GB Hard Drive with at least 5GB free

Mobile Broadband (4G or 5G recommended)

Tablet Keyboard (recommended for Service Technicians)

Internal GPS receiver and software (optional)

Barcode Scanner/Imager (optional)

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