Scan Documents and Automatically Link Them to Customer Accounts

A paperless office offers multiple benefits for your business. Fewer “touches” to information and data means a lower chance of mistakes, online document storage is more flexible and secure, and reduced paper storage requirements can free up tons of space in your office.

Did you know that an employee searching for a paper document wastes anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes before finding it? And then only one person at a time can access that document.

Ignite® Imaging allows your staff to scan and electronically file work orders, contract agreements, delivery tickets, invoices, proposals, estimates, and many other documents that would otherwise eat up valuable time and space. All scanned files are automatically linked to the appropriate customer account for easy reference and access. 

Our powerful scanning software recognizes documents, automatically names them, and attaches the document to the customer’s account. This gives you the ability to scan 100’s of documents and automatically attach them to the correct customer’s account.

Finally, you’ll gain the peace of mind of knowing that all of your data is backed up electronically, safe from damage or loss.

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