Ignite Lite is one of the software solutions offered in the Ignite Software Suite. Derived from Blue Cow Software’s flagship product, Ignite Enterprise, Ignite Lite offers small-sized fuel oil and propane marketers (five or less users) many of the same features to successfully manage their businesses.

Some of the features offered in Ignite Lite, include:
Customer Dashboard / Customer Inquiry Screen
See a holistic but at a glance view of a customer’s account. The perfect screen for Customer Support Representatives and employees who need to quickly view customer information without clicking between screens.
Optimize the routes of your Service Technicians and Delivery Drivers. Update them in real-time, even when the driver is on the job. Click here to learn more.
Ignite Lite offers users world-class forecasting.

Forecasting systems include:

  1. Traditional K Factor System
  2. Early Schedule Deliveries
  3. SmartK System
  4. Track Gallon Per Day use
  5. Julian System Scheduling
  6. Tank Monitoring Delivery Scheduling

Visit our Ignite Enterprise webpage for more information on Forecasting.

Access more than 700 Reports in Ignite Lite and have the ability to Make Your Own Reports as well!
SMS / Text Messaging
Create a two-way dialogue with your customers via text-messaging. Send them appointment reminders and there response will update in the calendar automatically.
Interfaces and Integrations
Ignite Lite interfaces with over 90 industry vendors and other software programs. Ignite Lite is also compatible with the other Ignite products: Mobile, Web, Analytics, and Imaging.