The Ignite Suite of Solutions


The Leading Software for Fuel Oil & Propane Companies 


The leading fuel and propane management software package in the industry. An unparalleled combination of back office accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Ignite Mobile automates your fuel drivers and service technicians through the use of real-time communication. Each member of the team will have direct access to schedules and updates right from their trucks. Streamline your team with Ignite Mobile for fuel oil, propane, and HVAC businesses.

Ignite Web is an extension of your existing website that allows your customers and your staff to access customer information from anywhere at any time. Sign up, request service and deliveries, and make payments in Ignite Web which automatically syncs to Enterprise. Your fuel oil, propane and HVAC business management just became more simple.

Ignite Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool. It gives you the power to make informed decisions by allowing you to analyze trends and visually see data in ways that were previously not available. With Ignite Analytics, you can create BI reports in a matter of minutes to help you better manage your fuel and propane business.

Ignite Imaging allows you to easily scan any document, save those documents on your server, and automatically link them to the customer’s account in Ignite. De-clutter your office space and watch your business streamline.