Ignite® Hedging

Hedging has become an integral part of managing fuel costs and distribution for fuel oil and propane businesses. But managing a hedging program can eat up time and attention. Our Ignite® Hedging feature can help you better track and manage your hedging plan. Here’s how.

  • Enter your future contracts into the Ignite® system and it will automatically generate spreadsheets and graphs comparing your gallons and contracts purchased with what you have promised or sold to customers
  • Accommodates pre-buy, price and fixed price plans that are already entered into your Ignite® system
  • Choose to track on a monthly basis, or across a seasonal heating curve
  • Customer transactions are automatically linked to Ignite® Hedging so that you can track gallons purchased to gallons sold
  • Historical tracking functions gives you “look back” capability to compare previous hedging performance with current activity

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