Survey Says: Blue Cow is the Top Choice Among Propane & Fuel Oil Dealers

We are very happy to announce that Blue Cow Software’s Ignite® suite has topped the list of management software programs in two important energy industry surveys. We are the first choice among respondents in the 2019 Oil & Energy/Gray, Gray & Gray Energy survey of fuel oil and propane dealers (for both fuel management and fleet management software) Additionally, we also top the list on the 2019 LP Gas/Gray, Gray & Gray Propane Industry survey (for company management software). The complete results are below.

To what do we attribute this stellar showing? No other fuel company management software platform offers the breadth and depth available through our Ignite® suite. It is a “single point” system that allows you to manage everything from inventory, to routing, to service, to accounting, to customer relationships in an integrated, cohesive configuration.

More and more of the country’s most successful propane and fuel oil companies rely on Blue Cow Software to run their businesses. Isn’t it time you found out what they know? Simply complete our online form to get more information about Ignite®.

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Oil & Energy/Gray, Gray & Gray Energy Survey 2019

Which fuel management software program do you use?

   44% – Blue Cow

   11% – Total Energy               

   11% – DRM

   5% – ADD Systems

   5% – Taurus

   4% – Destwin

   2% – Cargas

   2% – TerraOil

  16% – Other

If you use a fleet management software program, which one do you use?

   26% – Blue Cow Ignite Mobile

   17% – Digital Dispatcher

   11% – Silent Passenger

   11% – Verizon                       

    5% – Linxup

    5% – Spireon

    5% – Total Energy

    5% – TDS

    5% – Fleetmatics

    5% – Samsara

    5% – Other

LP Gas/Gray, Gray & Gray Propane Industry Survey 2019

What computer software do you use to run your business?

   39% – Blue Cow

    17% – Rural Computer (RCC)

    11% – Taurus

    6% – ADDS

    6% – Cargas

    24% – Other

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