By Mike Procopio
Blue Cow Software – A PDI Technologies Company

We are pleased to announce that our Ignite® Pay payment processing application now offers propane and heating oil dealers utility rates on the processing of payments made using American Express cards. This shift to lower processing rates has been implemented automatically for Ignite® users who utilize the Ignite® Pay (PayRazr) application. There is nothing you need to do – just start enjoying the benefits of the lower rates.

Previously, the high processing rates charged by American Express all but precluded accepting AMEX payments. Pairing these significantly lower utility rates with next day funding (at no additional cost) and zero gateway fees makes this is a huge “win” for companies who want to be able to offer their customers the widest range of payment options.

An important part of our mission is to educate our customers and the industry about payment processing, which can be confusing and confounding. For example, these lower utility rates can save a propane or heating oil dealer on each transaction processed. But many dealers have not even been made aware of the fact that they may qualify for the lower utility rate. 

If you have not yet integrated Ignite® Pay (PayRazr) as your payment processing application within the Ignite® EcoSystem software platform, what’s keeping you? These lower utility rates on AMEX cards processing is just one more reason to make the switch. 

Mike Procopio is the Inside Sales Manager at Blue Cow Software, a PDI Technologies company that offers propane and commercial fueling solutions. You can reach Mike via email at: [email protected]