2021 proved to be both experimental and a successful year for Blue Cow Software’s annual User Group Meeting (UGM). With more than 400 energy companies on the call, this conference – turned virtual – was one of the most successful UGMs in the company’s history. Blue Cow Software was thrilled to expand its reach to 3 international companies at the event as well. Their reach has stretched from as far north as Canada, as far west as Washington, and as far south as the Cayman Islands!

The virtual user group meeting combined interactive videos of presenters with information and software walk-throughs in the company’s Ignite product.

Senior Vice President of Sales, Nick Quaratiello said, “Thank you to all of our Blue Cow Software users who logged in and made this year’s User Group Meeting the largest in the 17-year history of our company! It was so great to see so many attendees and to get to talk about the improvements we’ve made in the Ignite suite of software. I can’t wait to see what the turnout will be for next year as we continue to grow.”

The team learned a lot from their users as they sat back to field questions at the end of the 2-day event and expressed their intent to use what they have learned to make the user experience even better.

Blue Cow Software continues to conduct at least one webinar per week to help customers get the most out of its software and learn about new features and functionality, providing a hands-on approach to customer support.

If you have any questions about UGM or the services that Blue Cow Software can provide, you can contact them at [email protected] or call at (888) 499-2583.