Our Largest User Group Meeting Ever!

Thank you to all of our Blue Cow Software users who came out to Gillette Stadium this week and made this year’s User Group Meeting the largest in the 15 year history of our company! It was so great to see everyone and to get to talk about the improvements we’ve made in the Ignite suite of software, including the 550 new features we’ve added since last year’s event, all based on your feedback!

This year’s User Group Meeting featured: 

  • More than 210 energy companies
  • Companies from 3 different countries and 16 different states
  • Representatives from as far north as Canada, as far west as Washington, and as far south as the Cayman Islands!

A big thank you to the staff at Gillette Stadium for helping us put together a wonderful two days and an even BIGGER thank you to all of the Blue Cow Software team who worked so hard to make this week informative and fun!

As always, we learned a lot from our users and we hope you learned a lot from us. If you have any questions about any of our panel discussions or presentations, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (888) 499-2583.