By Nick Quaratiello
Blue Cow Software

For the past 26 years, the accounting firm of Gray, Gray & Gray has conducted an annual survey of the energy industry. Every year the results provide a look into the “best practices” of fuel oil and propane companies, as well as creating a set of benchmarking standards by which industry leaders can measure the performance of their own businesses.

Two years ago, Gray, Gray & Gray added a new survey question asking, “Which fuel management software program do you use?” This year’s results were recently released and Blue Cow Software has topped the list for the second year in a row. In fact, our position as the preferred management software program increased significantly in the past year. Nearly one-third of the survey respondents rely on Blue Cow Software to help them manage their company.

Here are the results for the survey question, “Which fuel management software program do you use?” from the past two years:


Blue Cow Software: 27%  

  • Total Energy:  10%
  • Cargas:  7%
  • ADD Systems:  8%
  • DRM:  7%
  • RCC (Rural):  1%
  • TerraOil:  1%
  • Destwin:  1%
  • Other:  38%


Blue Cow Software:  32%

  • Total Energy: 11%
  • Cargas: 10%
  • ADD Systems: 8%
  • DRM:  5%
  • RCC (Rural): 4%
  • Taurus: 3%
  • TerraOil: 1%
  • Other:  26%

What does this mean for your fuel oil or propane business? If you are a Blue Cow Software user, you have made a smart choice that is substantiated by numerous other companies in the industry. If you are not yet using Blue Cow Software, you might want to ask yourself why so many of your peers (and competitors) have made the switch to our software. What are they getting that you are missing?

You can find out by getting an overview of Blue Cow Software’s Ignite® Enterprise management software system by clicking here. Better yet, schedule a demo by calling us at (888) 499-2583.