By Mark Nardone
Blue Cow Software

You may be familiar with the term “SaaS,” which stands for Software as a Service. It is a cloud-based way for a business to access the latest software technologies without actually downloading a hard copy onto your own server.

But SaaS can also serve as an acronym describing the advantages your business can gain when you integrate your accounting system into your overall fuel management system: Speed, Accuracy, Access and Support.

We have worked with multiple accounting software providers over the years to make sure their products will integrate with our Ignite suite of fuel oil and propane business management software. From basic bookkeeping programs, to more sophisticated, enterprise-level financial management systems like Sage Intacct, we have found that customers who tie their accounting program into their overall management system enjoy these four key benefits:


Nobody wants to bounce from one program to another in order to find the information you want. Searching for data in separate systems can hinder creative problem solving and prevent quick resolutions to customer inquiries and issues. When customer information flows seamlessly into your accounting, it is faster and easier to track activity. Built-in work flows create a more streamlined process leaving more time for other tasks and projects.


Entering data – especially financial data – twice is an invitation for unintentional mistakes and transcription errors. Transposing a number, misplacing a decimal point, or even mixing up a delivery address can result in embarrassment and serious customer service problems. Maintaining important business and financial information in one location will result in a reduction in redundant and miscalculated data, while eliminating the need for manually re-keying data, thus increasing data accuracy and integrity.


Having the right information, at the right time, is the key to making the best decisions for your business. Having a software solution integrating accounting with CRM data will greatly improve the communication and productivity of each department within your company. You will be able to download and analyze data quicker and easier, giving you a “30,000 foot” view of your company’s operations. Tracking financial trends and aligning them with on-the-ground activities will give you a much stronger handle on actual conditions.


Integrating your financial system with your enterprise wide management system makes it easier to share this information with other departments so that everyone is reviewing and analyzing the same data. Having an automated integration makes it easier for different departments to work together efficiently. Giving access to appropriate financial information for each customer or account record provides valuable insight into potential selling opportunities for your sales team. In addition to this, integrating order and inventory data helps maintains accuracy, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Having everybody on the same page makes for a much more efficient operation. When sales, marketing and accounting teams are able to share information, focus on the same goals and communicate effectively, your business will become more streamlined and profitable.  

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