Trade show season is here and your team might be attending one of the many fuel oil and propane industry shows and conferences.

Having attended energy industry events as a company for 15 years, Blue Cow Software has extensive experience in navigating these trade shows and conferences. Keep reading for our list of Dos and Don’ts that will make your team have the most efficient and beneficial experience when in attendance.

Do research the event to familiarize yourself with the vendors who will be in attendance. Downloading the show’s app or familiarizing yourself with the floor plan will be helpful in spending your time efficiently.

Do make a list of the vendors who you want to visit and speak with about their products and offerings. By doing so, you won’t be wandering around aimlessly, wasting your time.

Do come up with your general questions in advance. Making a list of your questions will help your conversations stay on track.

Don’t spend too much time at one vendor. You have other vendors you want to visit and both parties time is valuable.

Do bring business cards. When your conversation starts or when the time comes to wrap up a conversation, make future communication easier by leaving your business card with the contact.

Do say hi to vendors your currently work with but…

Don’t spend too much time asking them questions about your current situation. Although face-to-face time with your favorite vendors is awesome, they have Customer Support to help you.

Do have fun! Energize before the show and get ready to learn, network, and make the most of the event.


Blue Cow Software will be at a handful of industry trade shows and conferences this season. To learn more about the events our team will be at, please click here.

We look forward to working with you!