As a fuel oil and propane marketer, the chances are high that you have a plethora of data in front of you…which can occasionally be overwhelming. In today’s demand generation, you should have the ability to customize and personalize the data that appears for you in your software system.

Blue Cow Software is proud to help alleviate the problem of having too much data and not knowing what to do with it. The Ignite Software Suite by Blue Cow Software is the first all-in-one software for the fuel oil and propane industry that offers customizable widgets for Analytics.

How does that benefit you? Have the data you want at your fingertips. Is there a specific report you want to see without digging for it? With customizable widgets in Analytics, you don’t have to do anymore digging. Is the data from that report more important than the others? Change the size and color of its appearance on your dashboard.  As a member of management, is there a report you want to see on your dashboard but don’t want others to have access to? No need to worry. You can set controls on which reports different members of your team can access for their dashboard.

With the Ignite Software Suite, Blue Cow Software aims to take your business to the next level.

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You can also learn more about this feature by clicking here and reading the official press release.