2018 has brought the U.S. and Canada freezing cold temperatures. This is great for fuel oil and propane marketers as home and business owners are running through gallons to keep their spaces warm.

To get deliveries out in time, your delivery and service teams must brace themselves and bare the cold.  Ignite Mobile makes their jobs easier by automating communication between the back-office and the fleet in real-time.

Additionally, having good tablets will help make your service and delivery teams’ jobs easier. If your tablets are ruggedized they will do fine in the cold for extended periods of time, however extra caution should be taken for consumer grade tablets.

Although consumer grade tablets can bare the cold weather without being damaged, if they left in the trucks overnight or for extended periods of time, they may take a long time to warm up and turn on.

Keep your business operating efficiently during the winter months by ensuring you have Ignite Mobile and tablets to support your team. Contact Blue Cow Software today to learn more.