Thinking of the upcoming winter months often makes fuel oil and propane business owners question how they can increase operational efficiency. Snow storms and below freezing temperatures lead to road closures and while this poses problems for delivery and service trucks, it also creates problems for homeowners. How can your business avoid surprise cancellations, no shows, and forgetful clients during this busy time of year? The answer is easy – communicate with your customers where they are listening.

If your fuel oil management software or propane management software doesn’t have a customer text messaging feature, you are missing out on a prime platform on which you can reach your customers. Research has shown that 98% of text messages are read by recipients and 90% of those messages are read immediately. So why not use text messages to confirm service and delivery appointments for your business?

The Ignite Software Suite offers two-way text messaging (your back-office sends an automated confirmation message and then your customer responds confirming or cancelling the appointment) that directly syncs with your dispatch calendar in Ignite.

Make this winter your team’s most efficient yet. Avoid no shows and wasted time, and keep your service and delivery teams busy with profitable trips.

To learn more about the Text Messaging Interface in Ignite, contact Blue Cow Software today. We look forward to helping your business grow this season.