Customer service standards.  As a leading software provider for the fuel oil and propane industries for nearly two decades, we’ve seen fuel oil marketers and propane marketers from all walks of life. While the technology behind a software company is a huge factor on why a fuel oil retailer or propane retailer would choose one brand over another, a common reason many of our customers leave their former software company to join Blue Cow Software is customer service.

Our customers have told us horror stories of promised customer service at their former software provider that turned into pure ignorance within weeks following a signed contract.

No manager wants their customer service teams or their service technicians and delivery technicians on the road or during a busy time unable to contact Software Support in the case of an emergency.

Under a Blue Cow Software Support Agreement, we protect our customers from these horror stories. A Blue Cow Software Support Agreement includes the following benefits:

  • Phone, Email and Internet Support
  • Internet Training/Webinars
  • Monthly In-Person Training Sessions at Blue Cow Software’s Headquarters
  • Quarterly Software Updates
  • Tip of the Month Email Blasts
  • Online Customer Portal with forums, training videos and more!

On top of our Support Agreement, our team members are instilled with the Be Better philosophy. We try to be the best we can be, so we can help our customers be the best they can be, and, therefore, the fuel oil industry and propane industry are at the best they can be. To Be Better, when a customer calls, emails, or reaches out to Support, a response to their outreach becomes the priority. We’re a one-stop shop and we promise excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a software company that will be by your side and offer Serious Solutions for the Fuel Oil and Propane Industry, contact Blue Cow Software today to learn more and to schedule a demo. 888-499-2583.