If you follow Blue Cow Software on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn you may have seen that we published our first case study this week. Between our blog posts and our case studies, we are working to make as much content available to you. Why?

Our goal at Blue Cow Software is to help you Be Better. We believe that if you have the tools to Be Better, the fuel oil and propane industry will, as a result, follow and also Be Better.

While our blog posts are casually informative and include suggestions and ideas for your entire fuel oil business or propane business (from business management techniques to marketing ideas and more), our case studies are more formal pieces of content. They are tools to help you make your next big business decision related to the Ignite Software Suite and to also inspire you with ideas based on what other fuel oil marketers and retailers or propane marketers and retailers are doing to succeed.

We are excited to grow the library of resources and content we have available to you.

To learn more about the Ignite Software Suite, please contact [email protected]

To read our first published case study, please click here.