Managing customer data can be a grueling and stressful task especially for businesses in the fuel oil and propane industries who could have thousands of customers with multiple locations for each one. How do you manage your customers? Do you find yourself pulling multiple reports and then trying to locate a specific customer in each of those reports?

In the Ignite Software Suite for the fuel oil industry and propane industry, Blue Cow Software has aimed to make managing your customers a straightforward and simple process. Instead of clicking through data screens and struggling to analyze the numbers and their significance, the Ignite Software Suite’s Customer Analysis screen gives you a high-level overview of a customer’s account in one place. The screen is accessible for each customer in your database and includes all the information to give you and your management team a thorough understanding of the customer. In addition to summarized data, the screen includes visuals to quickly inform you of the customer’s status.

If you find yourself constantly clicking between screens, waiting for screens to load, and getting frustrated while analyzing data, ask yourself, does your software company really want what is best for your fuel oil or propane business? Having important yet digestible data in a central location will make your team more efficient and happier.

Blue Cow Software is here to help make the jobs and businesses of fuel oil marketers and propane marketers easier by being better. The Customer Analysis screen is one way that Blue Cow Software achieves its Be Better philosophy. For questions or inquiries, please contact [email protected] or 888-499-2583.