September means the busy season for fuel oil and propane businesses is right around the corner. As homeowners and local shops begin researching and selecting their fuel oil and propane delivery and service providers, what is your sales team doing to make sure it stands out and they pick you?

  1. Stay Top of Mind – Brand awareness and recognition are important to any sales process. But when you’re selling fuel oil and/or propane, products that homeowners can’t live without, staying top of mind will help you beat your competition. Sending direct mailers, leaving fliers around your community, and enhancing your digital marketing efforts are a few ways you can make sure your market remembers your name and, ultimately, selects your fuel oil and/or propane business.
  2. Prove Reliability – When the temperature drops, especially in brutal climates like the northeast, the last thing a homeowner wants to experience is a cancelled fuel oil or propane delivery. Before the season starts, find ways to prove that your delivery and service teams are reliable. Asking current customers for reviews on your Google Business, Yelp, and Facebook page, and scheduling service appointments or test deliveries before the season begins and excelling in them are a couple of ways you can show your business is worth your market’s trust.
  3. Offer Incentives – Show your customers and potential customers that you have their back and want their business by offering sales incentives. Creating online promotions (easily done with Ignite Web), providing discounts to customers who have referred a neighbor, and showing current/long-term customers your appreciation with “milestone” awards will demonstrate your interest in winning your markets loyalty to homeowners and businesses looking for a new provider.

While there are many more ways to win customer loyalty before the season begins, we hope these few ideas have helped your creative juices flow.

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