If your fuel management or propane management software system is DOS based (do you often see a blue screen with code before getting to your destination?), it’s time to consider upgrading your software to an automated system.

Eliminate unnecessary and outdated steps from your business processes.

Automation is today and it is the future. Sure, you’ve heard the term thrown around but what does it mean and how does it benefit your fuel oil and propane business? The Ignite Software Suite is the premier fuel management and propane management software system because of its advanced automation features so we (the Blue Cow Software team) are going to answer those questions in this blog post. Keep reading to learn more.

What does it mean to have an automated back office, service, and delivery software?

Increased Productivity

An automated fuel and propane management software system will make your team more productive and, therefore, your office’s efficiency will skyrocket. In an automated system, triggers will be set up so when one action occurs, another action occurs as a result. Your CSRs, fuel and propane delivery, and service teams will have their jobs simplified and their tasks will be easier to manage. Say goodbye to the extra (and unnecessary, if you ask us) screens you often need to click through and eliminate the piles of paper around your office. Automation will increase productivity in every department of your office.

Streamlined Processes

As mentioned under “Increased Productivity” above, automation means that the extra screens you have to click through to reach your final destination will be eliminated, and you can move everything from paper to digital. This means business operations and processes will be streamlined between the different departments of your organization. No more lost papers between the CSRs and accounting, or the fuel department and service department and any other area of your business. Their communication path will be simple and there will be a digital paper track, so you always know what, where, and when a process occurred.


Your propane and fuel management software should be telling you when something needs to be done for your business internally or for your customers. If it’s not, it’s probably time to upgrade your software provider. Premier propane and fuel management software systems, like the Ignite Software Suite from Blue Cow Software, combine business intelligence with automation. Be alerted when your business isn’t performing well and see exactly where it can be enhanced. Automated software systems have this ability, making your business, once again, more effective.

Are you keen on learning more about fuel oil and propane business management software systems that are automated? Contact Blue Cow Software today to set up a demo. We’re here to help your business Be Better.