The software update: an often dreaded, but necessary task that we are all occasionally gifted with. How long does it take for you to actually hit the “Update Now” or “Install Update” button? Unfortunately, some of us wait too long or avoid updates because “we don’t have the time right now.”

If they were meant to be waited on, or an option then software companies wouldn’t release updates.

Don’t let these screens take over your computer. It’s important to update your software regularly!

Here are three reasons you should learn to embrace software updates:

Bug fixes – Software companies (typically) want what’s best for you. You’ve paid big bucks to be using their system so it wouldn’t be right if your screen is flickering or you’re getting locked out of your license. Software updates address these smaller issues (a.k.a. “bugs”). The longer you wait to update your software, the longer the issue will persist.

Security – Similar to how your software company wants to free you of bugs, it also wants to make sure your data is safe and secure from outside threats (a.k.a. viruses and hackers). By updating your software, you’re ensuring you have the strongest security measures in place.

New features – In some cases, your update might also be an upgrade – giving you the latest and greatest system version from your software company. In the case of Blue Cow Software’s Ignite Software Suite for the fuel oil, propane, and HVAC industries, all updates and upgrades are complimentary – so they are one-in-the-same. However, other software companies might charge customers for system upgrades, meaning you’ll get bug fixes and security for free as an update, but will have to pay for new features.

Knowing what you’ll get in your software updates is part of the shopping process. It’s worth asking your provider upfront if new features are included, how often you’ll get updates, and how the updates are installed. At Blue Cow Software, we aim to make your business ‘Be Better’ so once you’re on our Customer Care plan, we include it all at no additional cost. Part of being better is staying on top of technology and allowing all parts of your business (including the back-office, service, and delivery teams) to run smoothly. On that note, take the time to regularly update your software and enjoy the ride on the information superhighway.