According to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, fuel distributors are not permitted to deliver fuel to above ground storage tanks that are at risk of a fuel spill. This rule, know as the “Red Tag” Rule has been in place since 2011 but recent updates have brought attention back to it. Keep reading to learn how you can minimize impact on your business and your customers.


How will you know if your customers’ tanks are at risk? Homeowners must schedule their first tank inspection by July 31, 2020. At risk tanks will be red tagged – meaning you cannot fill them until they are replaced.

How can you avoid problems?  The Ignite Software Suite allows you to monitor and track your customers’ tanks, making it easy to find customers due for a tank update or renewal.

Not sure how to use the Ignite software system to do this? Give us a call! We are here to help your business stay one step ahead and Be Better.



Click here to read the original article from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.