Whether you work in the fuel oil, propane, and HVAC industries, or an industry that is completely unrelated, work efficiency and productivity are highly valued. It’s important to know what your role pertains and how you can be the best version of yourself in the office (productive and efficient) to keep your business flowing and to maintain your work/life balance. We took the Blue Cow Software team’s diverse work experiences and formulated a tip that will help you create more time and increase work output throughout your office.


At work and in life, there are things that only you can do. For example, if you own a company and you sign checks then you, and only you, have to make time for that task. However, if the phone rings and you have someone whose role is to answer incoming calls, allow the designated employee to answer it. It’s important to protect your yes and not answer the phone. By protecting your yes, your office will continue to flow and efficiency will increase. Of course, there might be exceptions, but think of the time that you will save by allowing team members and yourself to stick to designated roles.


In short: exceptions aside, try not to take on responsibilities that someone else is meant to do. You will find that this creates time and reduces personal stress. It is hard to do at first, but worth the effort.


*Please note that this post is intended for managerial positions and/or companies with hierarchical structures. If you are starting out in a new role or are in an entry level position, it is always a great idea to offer a helping hand (once you have your primary duties under control) to show that you are capable of handling more work and interested in creating more of a positive impact within your company.