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Blue Cow Software Launches Two-Way SMS Capabilities

LYNNFIELD, MA – Blue Cow Software announced its launch of two-way SMS [text message] capabilities, a new feature for the Ignite® Software Suite, at its annual User Group Meeting on Thursday, May 4th, 2017.  This new feature allows fuel oil, propane, and HVAC service and delivery companies to communicate with their customers regarding service and unique delivery appointments.

Blue Cow Software integrated the two-way text messaging feature into the Ignite Software Suite as an on-going effort to be customer obsessed. Recent research claims that 98% of all text messages are read and of those, 90% are read immediately. Additionally, 64% of people prefer to receive text messages over voice calls as a customer service channel. Consideration of these statistics made Blue Cow Software’s decision to implement two-way text messaging simple. “We want our clients to be one step ahead of their competition and this means giving them the potential to reach their consumers through the preferred mode,” said Mark Nardone, Founder and President of Blue Cow Software.

The new feature utilizes short code, allowing Blue Cow Software’s clients to do more than send service reminders and updates. The fuel oil, propane, and HVAC companies will also have the opportunity to send billing and payment reminders, general reminders and notifications, customer or employee alerts, and marketing and promotional messages.  “With all the possible uses of SMS, we’re aiming for a decrease in the number of customer service calls our clients receive and, therefore, an increase in their customer approval ratings,” commented Nardone.

The two-way messaging is now available to Blue Cow Software customers running any of the Ignite Software Suite products. Please contact Todd Kipperman at [email protected] for demo and sales inquiries, and  contact Roxanne Hesh at [email protected] for media inquiries.


About Blue Cow Software

Blue Cow Software was established in 2004 with the goal of creating software that would provide powerful – yet practical – tools for fuel oil and propane dealers. This led to the development of the Ignite® software suite, with components designed to improve efficiency and put control of business operations into a comprehensive platform that was easy to use and could grow with business.

Today, Blue Cow Software is the business management software suite of choice for more than 270 of the country’s leading propane, fuel oil, and HVAC companies. Blue Cow Software continues to stay on top of industry trends and best practices, incorporating updates and upgrades across the Ignite® suite to better help users gain stronger than ever control over their business operations.   Visit our website at for more information.