LYNNFIELD, MA – Blue Cow Software, Inc. has officially released Ignite® Analytics 3.0 to the public. Ignite® Analytics 3.0 is the newest metrics-based program on the market, that utilizes instant business intelligence to help retailers and service companies in the fuel oil, propane, and HVAC industries, “Be Better.”

Ignite® Analytics 3.0 is the latest release of Blue Cow Software’s Analytics product, which was originally introduced to the market in 2010. “We’ve incorporated our ‘Be Better’ philosophy throughout the development of Analytics. The original product had capabilities that were beneficial to business owners, however, at the time, the importance of tracking key metrics in real time was not strongly recognized by fuel retailers,” said Mark Nardone, the Founder and President of Blue Cow Software. “Now, with Analytics 3.0, business owners have a product that acts and is as simple as a report card, to help their business perform better. It tracks key metrics, reports on data in real-time, and suggests delivery and service adjustments to business owners.”

Analytics 3.0 takes the lead among competition with its ability to automatically and intelligently inform business owners when something needs to be done, before they recognize it from failure elsewhere in their business. Other features of Ignite® Analytics 3.0 include new visual dashboards that contain all key performance indicators on one screen and the ability to receive automated feedback on business health in comparison to industry benchmarks and personal goals.

“We are always striving to help the fuel oil and propane industries be better, and we believe that can only happen with the best business management software. We are expecting Ignite® Analytics to be a top Ignite® software suite product by the start of Q3,” commented Nardone on the expected sales for the new program. Ignite® Analytics 3.0 was made available for public purchase on April 3, 2017 and will be on display at upcoming industry tradeshows. Please contact Todd Kipperman at [email protected] for demo and sales inquiries.


About Blue Cow Software

Blue Cow Software was established in 2004 with the goal of creating software that would provide powerful – yet practical – tools for fuel oil and propane dealers. This led to the development of the Ignite® software suite, with components designed to improve efficiency and put control of business operations into a comprehensive platform that was easy to use and could grow with business.

Today, Blue Cow Software is the business management software suite of choice for more than 270 of the country’s leading propane, fuel oil, and HVAC companies. Blue Cow Software continues to stay on top of industry trends and best practices, incorporating updates and upgrades across the Ignite® suite to better help users gain stronger than ever control over their business operations.   Visit our website at for more information.