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Blue Cow’s Ignite® Enterprise is the most powerful management software in the fuel oil and propane industry. Fuel retailers both large and small are stepping up to Ignite® to put all of their management tools in a single, totally accessible, exceptionally usable energy software suite. Everything from mobile delivery routing, to customer relationship management (CRM), to back office accounting can be wrapped into Ignite® Enterprise. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use Ignite® to improve the efficiency and profitability of your propane or fuel oil business.

World Class Forecasting


Traditional K Factor System

Ignite® allows you to use the familiar Degree Day System, with our without baseloads.



Early Schedule Deliveries

Choose your preferred scheduling pattern and the Ignite® system takes it from there. Choose the day of the week or month and it is automatically scheduled across the system.


SmartK System

Blue Cow’s revolutionary forecasting system goes beyond K Factors to deliver more comprehensive and accurate forecasting numbers. Click here for full details about SmartK.


Track Gallon Per Day Use

Ignite® will calculate a customer’s gallons per day used factor based on actual delivery history. No more guessing!


Julian System Scheduling

Basic delivery management based on calendar days between deliveries.




Tank Monitoring Delivery Scheduling

Ignite® interfaces with the leading tank monitoring services and will automatically generate a fuel delivery order when the tank reaches a predetermined level.


Reduce – or even eliminate – record storage space and costs when all your data and information is easily accessible online. Among the helpful features you can put to immediate use are:

  • Email invoices, statements and customer letters at the click of a button – to one customer or hundreds
  • Send work orders to service technicians or delivery orders to drivers via text
  • Save and store reports online in Word, Excel or PDF format
  • Attach documents, files and images to customer accounts
  • Replace slow and inaccurate interoffice memos with the Ignite® internal messaging system

Custom Reports

Over 700 fuel industry-specific reports are programmed into the Ignite® software suite. Or create your own customized reports.

  • Intuitive, propane-specific and fuel oil-specific reports for almost any information you’ll need to measure and manage
  • No waiting weeks for data – generate customized reports in minutes for immediate action
  • Save reports for easy access when you want them, wherever you want them
  • Incorporated help files to make report generation simple and easy
  • Advanced security and user-based permission protocols.


Your management team will have full control over who can access customer information, transaction histories, prices, etc., as well as who has access to the creation of custom reports and delivery tickets.

Dashboards Control

See the most important information – automatically updated – with a glance. You’ll get a better handle on how your company is doing quickly and easily.

Audit Trail

You can track each change made in your company’s database by date, time, user and location. You’ll know who did what, and when they did it.

Budget Plan Management

Track and recalculate all budget plans at any point during the season, and create new, more accurate budget plans based on the unique Ignite® “Best Gallons” calculator.

Pricing Plan Management

Easily manage pre-buy, fixed and price cap plans for a single customer or hundreds of accounts.

  • Plot multiple plans per customer
  • Track gallons and dollars by customer or across the board
  • Set a downside limit
  • Track activity inside or outside a customer’s balance for more accurate forecasting
Automatic Price Adjustments & Notifications

Add price differentials to date-driven or usage-driven customer fuel orders. Promote savings or protect pricing against competition. Let your customers know by email when their price has changed.

Credit Review and Collection Management

Your credit department can easily manage customer accounts, credit and collections. You set the rules and boundaries for customers and the Ignite® system will automatically place or remove a credit hold, while alerting the entire system. Alerts to the credit department allow time for account review and customer communications before the date of the next scheduled delivery.

Rate Your Customers!

Built-in Customer Rating System automatically analyzes customer accounts and activities, then assigns a score to each based on criteria you determine. You can use accurate data to evaluate which customers are the most profitable, and which present a management challenge.

This Customer Rating System automatically analyzes your customer accounts and assigns a score to each of them based on the criteria you choose. It is fully customizable by you. You determine what is important and how many points it is worth. Then the system analyzes each customer’s activity and which programs they are enrolled in and assigns the customer a rating.

Generate Proposals & Quotes

Ignite® makes it easy to create, send and track customer proposals and quotes, including delivery plans, pricing plans, service contracts and equipment installation estimates.

Ignite Messaging, Chat, and Reminders

Communicating within your organization is quicker, easier and more accurate thanks to the built-in Ignite® Messaging system.

  • Link to a customer’s account information within the message
  • Set up pre-defined User Groups to reach all the right people, all at one time
  • Pop up notifications alert users to an incoming message
  • Return receipt feature let’s you know who has received and opened your message

With Ignite Chat, send instant messages to other Ignite users and use this on-screen feature for one-on-one communication throughout the day. Pop up alerts notify users when a chat messages comes through.

With Ignite Reminders, manage your schedule and never miss an appointment or task when you use the Ignite® Reminders feature. Schedule reminders hourly, daily, weekly or for monthly and annual tasks.

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